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Highly concentrated water-based pigment pastes for decorative, construction and industrial paint.

Key Benefits

BATICOLORS A-HC offers a full range of products with modern pigments fand high-performance components providing tailored technical, coloristic and commercial solutions.

- Our Baticolors A-HC series products are colourants with high pigment concentrations well above those of tinting machine colourants at a much lower cost. Our preparations use the same pigments as the colourants used in tinting machines.

- The Baticolors A-HC resin-free products are developed based on the latest technological breakthroughs for improved performance and allow for a unique system perfectly adapted to professional market demands. The type and percentage of biocide can be adapted to your needs.

- All colourants are compatible and can be mixed together to obtain a perfectly smooth and homogeneous paint system.

- The Baticolors A-HC range offers competitive products developed with the latest technological innovations for wetting and dispersing agents. Their specific formula and high-concentration provides exceptional advantages for minimum impact on the varnish gloss and only a slight alteration of the drying time.

- All of our colorants are tested to ensure perfect colour homogeneity regardless of the tint depth. The colour intensity is selected within a colour base between +/- 5% and a maximum of 1 CIELAB unit.

The addition of the extender makes it possible to precisely adjust the colour strength.


- Water-based paints for interior decoration: acrylic, water-based alkyd and vinyl paints.

- Water-based facade paints: hydro pliolite, roughcast, thermal insulation, coatings, and thick and semi-thick textured coatings.

- Mineral paints with our inorganic pigment-based preparations: silicon, siloxane, water-based polyurethane paints.

- Water-based wood stains.

- Inside and outside.

Volume and packaging

- 25kg and 100kg drums.

- 500kg and 1000kg containers.

- Storage: 1 year in a closed package. T 5‑40°C.


Custom preparation. Single pigment colours mixtures. Pantone, RAL, etc. Colour matching for all shades.

These informations are provided to give our best advices and assistance. It has no contractual value. It is the user's repsonsability to always check the system product characteristics.


Pigment Pastes Richard A-HC High Concentration
Pigment Pastes Richard A-HC High Concentration
Pigment Pastes Richard A-HC High Concentration