Biosourced Richard Paint

  • Naturel
  • Biosourcée

Professional paint made from natural and bio-based ingredients.

Made from natural and bio-based ingredients to decorate and colour your walls, woodworks, and radiators.

Its high-quality ingredients and artisanal methods used are the root of the richness and uniqueness of the shades.

  • High professional quality
  • Made in France
  • 2 finishes: matt and velour
  • Various volumes: 100ml (tester), 1L, 2,5L and 5L.

Environmentally conscious

Deciding to create a bio-sourced paint means deciding to protect the health and the safety of our consumers. Our main goals are to protect the consumers health and safety, and to develop our capacity of an even greater commitment to ourselves and to the world.

The raw materials used contribute to:

- Protect public health.

- Have equitable practices.

- Increase the sanitary quality of interiors.

labels eco-labelled paint Biosourcée Biosourced Paint Richard

A bio-sourced paint

This bio-sourced paint offered by Richard is made in France and meet the challenges of sustainability while having a high professional quality.


- Bio-sourced plant resin (98%)

- Unique composition, up to 83% of natural, mineral and bio-sourced ingredients including 64% of bio-based carbon.

- The amount of biobased carbon was measured by an independent laboratory (NF EN 16640 norm)


- Made in France

- Sane paint

- Ready-to-use

- Application comfort

- 2 finishes: matt and velour

- Doesn’t leak.

- No unpleasant odour

- Quick-drying (+/- 1h - +/- 2h between two layers)


Our matt and velour paints are unique, light-reactive, and highly pigmented to offer an unmatched depth of shade and quality of finish.


With only 3% of sheen, this paint is characterized by a luxurious matt finish and an unrivalled profoundness of shade. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful finish. Recommended for all your walls, woodworks, ceilings and even your radiators.


The velour finish is soft and lightly satiny. We recommend it for your water featured rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Perfectl for your walls, woodworks, and radiators.

100 shades*:

labels eco-labelled paint Biosourcée Biosourced Paint Richard 100 shades
*Informative shades

User Guide

- Choose a brush or a paint roller. Can also be applicated with a paint spray gun. (Disclaimer: dilution must be done according to the material you used)

- The surface must be perfectly safe, clean, and dry (DTU 59.1)

- On painted surfaces, applicate two layers of paint (Dry to recoat: 6 hours)

- On porous surfaces, applicate a primer before the two layers of paint (Dry to recoat: 6 hours). Put the brush/roller in a plastic film between the two layers.

- Mix before use.

- Crossed application on a maximum surface of 1m. Always cross in the same direction to avoid stains. Make a last application always in the same direction.

- Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C and above 30°C with a relative humidity below 70%

- Clean tools with water. Soak the used material 24 hours to reduce the amount of rinse water required. Contaminated water must be dropped off in a waste disposal.


12 months (not opened original tin). Must be protected from frost and heat.


- Bio sourced plant-based resin up to 98%

- Talc de Luzenac

- Bio sourced unctuosity agent up to 10%

- Tested according to the NF EN 16640 norm.

- Eco-labelled dye (NF Environment)

- Water

- Protecting Agent