Aerosols - effects

  • Aerosol
  • Dorure
  • Galva Zinc
  • Effect
  • Magnetik
  • Signal
  • Primer
  • Light

Vast range of effects aerosols:

  • Dorure, to restyle your supplies and furniture
  • Galva Zinc, to give your metals a new life
  • Effect, for a sandy aspect
  • Magnetik, ideal for chalk writing and magnets
  • Signal, for the identification of regulated conduits
  • Primer, to compensate cracks and holes
  • Light, for places where a high visibility is required

Volume: 400ml


Aerosol Richard Effect Dorure

Solvent based acrylic paint with a glossy finish. Highly resistant due to its composition (resins and pigments). Ideal to restyle and decorate any surfaces: metal, aluminum, wood, stone, plastics…

- High metallic effect

- Multi-surfaces

- Indoor/outdoor

6 shades:

Aerosol Richard Effect Dorure 6 shades

Galva Zinc

Aerosol Richard Effect Galva Zinc

Galva Zinc aerosol paint, for a grey satiny effect. Galvanising finish to give your metals a new life.

- Without undercoat

- High covering power

- Quick Drying

Unique Shade : Light Zinc. 


Aerosol Richard Effect Sandy Aspect

Solvent based acrylic paint with a sandy aspect. Ideal for plastics, wood, and iron. Fast drying. High adhesion and high scratch resistance. Can be applicated directly on the surface that need to be treated. 

- Wonderful sandy aspect

- High covering power

- High resistance

2 shades : Grey and Black.


Aerosol Richard Effect Magnetik Blackboard paint Magnetic

Blackboard magnetic paint. Can be used for chalk walking and to attach small magnets. This paint can be applicated on wood, plastic, PVC, wall, cardboard… This aerosol is useful, to create or to renovate a blackboard.

- Reinforced magnetic effect

- Quick drying

Unique Shade : Deep Black.


Aerosol Richard Effect Signal Identification of conduits

Water based acrylic paint designed for the identification of different conduits such as air, gas, electricity, water… Ideal for both plastic and metallic surfaces.

- Higher visibility

- Identification of conduits

6 shades:

Blue (RAL 5012), Green (RAL 6010), Yellow (RAL 1018), Black (RAL 9005), Red (RAL 3000) and White (RAL 9010).


Aerosol Richard Effect Primer High dry extract

This high dry extract primer has an elevated adhesion power on all metals (metal, aluminum) and conventional surfaces (plastic, wood…). This primer quickly dries and can be sanded. High filing effect, ideal to fill cracks and small holes. The surfaces will need to be sanded and painted. High corrosion and aging resistance.

- High adhesive power

- Multi-surfaces

- Reinforced material

2 shades: Medium Grey and White.


Phosphorescent acrylic paint

Phosphorescent acrylic paint. Fast drying. Ideal to applicate where high visibility is required (stairs…). This painting releases the light that was absorbed all daty. Its effect slowly fades. Can be used on any surfaces such as metal, plastic, wood, glass...

- Excellent grip

- Multi-surfaces

- Rich in phosphorescent pigments