• NF Environnement

Eco-labelled dye with a very high concentration to obtain bright and intense shades.
• Unrivalled product
• Dyes up to 3 times more than a classic tint
• Perfect for individuals and professionals
• All shades are miscible: you can create as many color as you want.
• Perfect compatibility with all types of paint.

Volumes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml.

Environmentally responsible and anti-waste

The NF Environment label is awarded to organic products and testifies their environmental and organic quality.

This product is safe for the environment and is the perfect option for consumers who want a cost effective and practical solution.

For instance, this product can be used to recycle an opened tin of paint.

User Guide

Adjust the intensity of your shade by mixing it little by little in a tin of paint.

You can also mix the quantity of dye written on the gradient to obtain the shade you desire.

25 shades*:

Eco-labelled dye Richard ideacolor 24 shades tint
*Informative shades