Exterior cleaner

Vast range of exterior cleaner:

  • Wood renewer
  • Polyvalent Brightener: plastic, wood, and stone
  • Frontage and cladding cleaner: any surfaces
  • Water-repellent: wall, roof, and patio
  • Ultra-concentrated cleaner: floor and wall
  • Mould remover: high concentration
  • Graffiti cleaner: any surfaces
  • Graffiti preventer

Wood Renewer

Exterior cleaner Richard Wood renewer

Brightens up and restores wood to its natural appearance and colour.

User guide:

-       Lightens up any kind of wood, blackened or greyed over time by the weather.

-       Once brightened, can be stained, varnished, or painted.

-       Doesn’t leave any traces.

-       Diluted with 50% water.

-       Neutralizing impregnation for renovation work for all carpentries, frames, doors, chalets, patios, wooden frontages…


-       Highly concentrated

-       Ready to use.

-       Easy and fast

-       Suitable for any kind of wood

-       Can be varnished, stained, and painted over.

Volumes: 1L, 5L, 20L.

Polyvalent Brightener

Exterior cleaner Richard polyvalent brightener

Suitable for plastic, wood, stone. Lightens up and renew all surfaces. Brightens colours up.

User guide:

-       Cleans deeply any kind of plastic, wood and stone blackened over time by the weather.

-       Can be applicated on any wood surface (tropical wood…) and on any type of plastic and stone.

-       Thanks to its active principles, its specific formulation renews all supports!

-       Can be used on patios, cabins, duckboards, garden furniture, pergolas, doors, marble slabs… 


-       Fast and ready to use.

-       Gel formula, horizontal and vertical application

-       Safe for the environment (according to the 1272/2008 regulation)

Volumes: 1L, 5L and 20L

Frontage and cladding cleaner

frontage and cladding cleaner

Easily removes all stains and dirt, even the toughest ones.

User guide:

-       Cleans and removes deeply all stains, even the toughest and oldest ones.

-       Brightens colours up and delays clogging.

-       Long term treatment

-       Restores walls to their original appearance. 


-       Powerful detergent action

-       Chlorine free

-       Economical

-       24 months preservation

-       Biodegradable (According to OECD test 302B - 90%)

-       Safe for the environment (according to the 1272/2008 regulation)

Volumes: 5L and 20L

Water Repellent

Exterior cleaner Richard  water repellent

Perfect for any mineral surface such as concrete, cement, brick, roof, natural stone, primer…

User guide:

-       Protects all porous surfaces while letting them breathe.

-       Stops all infiltrations and stains, while preserving the surface’s natural appearance

-       Protects from frost and aging.


-       Sprayable

-       Ready to use.

-       High waterproof power

-       No infiltration

-       Stops stains.

-       Invisible

Volumes: 5L and 20L.

Ultra-concentrated cleaner

Exterior cleaner Richard ultra concentrated cleaner

Cleans deeply any surface.

User guide:

-       Suitable for any surfaces (floor, parking lot, patio, wall, frontage…)

-       Prepares before coating (paint, primer, tiles…)

-       High detergent power to remove any external pollution, greasy and oily elements.

-       Can be applicated on any materials and surfaces (except aluminium)

-       Can be used for deep industrial cleaning due to its high concentration.


-       Concentrated formula

-       Sprayable

-       Organic solvent and acid free

-       Biodegradable (According to OECD test 302B - 90%)

Volumes: 1L, 5L and 20L.

Mould remover

Exterior cleaner Richard mould remover

This Anti-mould formula removes any mould, lichen, algae and milden.

User guide:

-       High concentration of active agents

-       Suitable for masonry works on any surface (roof, patio, frontage…)

-       Preventive and curative


-       Ready to use, sprayable.

-       Fast action, long lasting effects

-       Chlorine, caustic soda, bleach, and acid FREE

-       Used biocide is more than 60% biodegradable (according to OECD 301D test)

-       High concentration

-       Must rinse tools with water.

Volumes: 1L (spray), 5L and 20L.

Graffiti cleaner

Exterior cleaner Richard graffiti cleaner

Removes any graffiti and stain on any porous or smooth surfaces.

User guide:

-       For any porous or smooth surfaces such as concrete, brick, plastic, metal, wood, PVC…

-       Without damage

-       Specific formula to eliminate any paint, ink, marker, chewing gum or felt pen stains.

-       Suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces


-       Ready to use.

-       Only one product for both porous and straight surfaces

-       Great flexibility

-       Safe for the environment (according to the 1272/2008 regulation)

-       Dichloromethane, NMP, NEP and paraffine free 

Volumes: 1L (spray), 5L and 20L.

Graffiti preventer

Exterior cleaner Richard graffiti preventer

Creates a protective coat over to protect any raw or painted support from graffities.

User guide:

-       Colourless varnish, slightly satiny

-       Protective coat

-       Micro-porous principle, can be applicated both indoor and outdoor (frontage, wall, door…)


-       Ready to use.

-       Touch dry: 30 minutes.

-       Colourless

-       5 years warranty

Volumes: 1L and 5L