Marking aerosols

  • Aérosol
  • Traceur
  • Fluo
  • Marquage

Various range of marking aerosols:

  • Temporary tracer
  • Fluorescent tracer
  • Permanent marking

Volume: 500ml

Temporary tracer

Richard marking aerosol paint temporary tracer

Solvent-based acrylic to trace on surfaces such as wall, floor, tar, concrete, and wood. High adherence and excellent covering power. Can be used in any position thanks to its 360°C self-cleaned nozzle. The dispenser cap facilitates the use and protects the valve from any accidental operation.

- High durability

- 360° valve

- Outdoor

6 shades: Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Red and White.

Fluorescent tracer

Richard marking aerosol paint Fluorescent tracer

Solvent-based fluorescent acrylic paint. Quick-drying and high adherence. Light up surfaces and can be seen from a distance. High covering power; doesn’t turn yellow. Can be applicated on metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, primer, cardboard… This aerosol is meant for decoration, writing and modelling.

- High visibility

- 360° valve

- High adherence

3 shades: Red, Yellow and Orange.

Permanent marking

Richard marking aerosol paint permanent marking

Solvent-based paint to mark permanently floors and places (parking…). High weather and chemical agents’ resistance. Can be used with a tracer machine or applicated by hand. Ideal for metal, wood, concrete…

- Weather-resistant

High chemical agents’ resistance

- Footprints resistant

6 shades: Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Red and White.

To apply easily...

The easiest system to trace on your own

Simple, robust, and effective.

- Works with any 65 mm aerosol, with a lenght inferior to 350 mm

- Works with any sluice gate, thanks to its innovating system

- Big wheels to obtain a great regularity and stability

- No spatter

- Inox, easy to clean

- Lines of 75-100-120 mm