Glitter Gel

  • Glitter Gel
  • Glitter gel, for an intense sequined effect in your home
  • For indoor paints, walls and woodworks
  • Bio sourced ingredient *
  • Volume : 80 g

Bio sourced ingredient*

- *The Glitter Gel Sublim' is formulated with a bio-based binder 50%.

SILVER : Formulated with at least 31% of a bio-based binder 50%

GOLD : Formulated with at least 28% of a bio-based binder 50%

- Non powdery: avoids microplastic discharges.

User guide

Incorporate the gel manually and gently during the last coat of finish.

Mix with a spatula.

To be used within 24 hours after incorporation.


- 80g for 2L/2.5L of paint

- 1/3 of the 80g pot for 0,5L/0,75L of paint

Glitter Gel Sublim' Richard

Shades* :

Glitter Gel Sublim' Richard Shades Gold and Silver
*Informative shades