• Aérosol
  • Antidérapant
  • Haute Température
  • Vernis
  • Rouille
  • Taches

Richard offers a various range of protective aerosols:

  • Non-skid
  • High temperature
  • Anti-rust
  • Varnish
  • Stain cover
  • Radiators

Volume: 400ml.


Richard Protective aerosol paint Non skid protective coat

This protective coating is used to prevent accidents. It creates a rough non-slip surface, ideal for stairs, marble, tiles…

- Multi-surfaces (metal, wood, plastic…)

- Doesn’t turn yellow

- Indoor/outdoor

- High efficiency

- Transparent

High Temperature

Richard Protective aerosol paint High temperature

High quality paint with high covering power. Can resist temperatures up to 600°C. Ideal to renovate some elements close to heat without direct exposure to flames (portable stove, fireplace, boiler…).

- Resist to up to 600°C

- Multi-surfaces

- Ideal for renovations

- Black


Richard Protective aerosol paint anti rust corrosion Anti-rust

Rust and corrosion prevention. Resistant to weather and especially aggressive chemical agents.

- Anti-corrosion

High adhesive power

- Resist to temperatures up to 100°C

- Shade: grey


Richard Protective aerosol paint Varnish mat and glossy

Professional solvent-based varnish. High adhesive power. Ideal to protect paint operations on metallic and plastic surfaces. Fast drying. High resistance to chemical products, abrasions, and stripeq.

- Multi-surfaces

- High resistance

- Fast drying

- 2 finishes: glossy or mat

Stain cover

Richard Protective aerosol paint Stain cover white underlay

White underlay with high covering power. Blocks, masks, and isolates all stains. Can be used for smoke stains, soot, mould, rust, pen, greases… In case of humidity, make sure to treat the cause before use. Quick drying (less than 10 minutes). Can be painted after with standard paint for wall and ceilings. Can be used indoor/outdoor.

- Block stains

- High covering power

- Quick drying

- 1 shade: white


Richard Protective aerosol paint radiator

Solvent based acrylic paint, Quick- drying. Can be applicated on metal, iron, aluminium, copper and cast iron.  High covering power. On a sanded surface, apply a primer first. 

Different finishes and shades:

- Matt: white and black

- Satin: white and black

Glossy: white, black, off-white, ivory, greyish, light grey, slate, and pearly grey

Volume: 400ml

8 shades*:

Richard Protective aerosol paint 8 shades radiator paint