Sékoïa Paint

Richard offers the Sékoïa paint range, based on natural, bio-sourced components and made in France *(Hauts-de-France).

This paint provides a comfort of use: easy to applicate, odourless, quick drying.

  • Made in France
  • Ideal for you walls, woodworks and radiators.
  • High quality
  • Low emission level
  • 2 finishes: matt and velour
  • Volumes: 50ml (tester), 0,5L, 2L and 5L.
Sékoia Paint bio-sourced Richard

Bring nature indoor.

A sane paint

This paint has several main goals: have responsible practices, and contribute to the sanitary quality of interiors while offering a high-quality product.

The quality of our paint helps improve air quality by:

-       Its A+ emission level

-       Its odourless technology

-       Its VOC rate 151µg/m3* following the NF EN ISO 16000‑6 norm.


The artisanal methods used provide the richness and the uniqueness of our shades.

Our matt and velour paints are unique, light-reactive, and highly pigment which offers a wonderful depth of shade.

- Matt: high quantity of pigments which offers an unmatched depth of shade

Velour: ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

100 shades*:

Sékoia Paint bio-sourced Richard 100 shades
*Informative shades

User guide:

Velour and matt

- Choose a brush or a paint roller. Can also be applicated with a paint spray gun. (Disclaimer: dilution must be done according to the material you used)

- The surface must be perfectly safe, clean, and dry (DTU 59.1)

- On a painted surface, applicate two layers of paint (Dry to recoat: 6 hours)

- On a porous surface, applicate a primer before the two layers of paint (Dry to recoat: 6 hours). Put the brush/roller in a plastic film between the two layers.

- Mix before use.

- Crossed application on a maximum surface of 1m. Always cross in the same direction to avoid stains. Make a last application (always in the same direction).

- Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C and above 30°C with a relative humidity below 70%

-  Clean tools with water. Soak the used material 24 hours to reduce the amount of rinse water required. Contaminated water must be dropped off in a waste disposal.


12 months (not opened original tin). Must be protected from frost and heat.